Magazines: SDG review case studies

In 2018 and 2020, GeoMedia produced two magazines for ‘Partners for Review’ (P4R), each with 10 practical examples of SDG review processes in different countries. Besides background research, a key source for all articles were extensive skype interviews with individuals involved in the respective Voluntary National Review (VNR) processes. At the occasion of the global P4R network meeting in Berlin in 2019, we conducted and filmed a series of interviews with SDG practitioners. These can be viewed exclusively on the P4R website. The two magazines can be downloaded by clicking on the covers below.

The 2018 magazine covers examples from Costa Rica, the Palestinian Territories, Namibia, Togo, Mexico, Senegal, South Africa, the Netherlands, Nigeria and Colombia.

P4R magazine 2018 (PDF 13.5 MB)

The 2020 edition presents examples from Colombia, the Philippines, Cameroon, Afghanistan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Mongolia, Brazil, Viet Nam and UN ESCAP.

P4R magazine 2020 (PDF 7.6 MB)